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Dedicated Servers
Dedicated servers give you all the benefits of co-locating:

24 hour emergency support, dedicated bandwidth, in a data center with the infrastructure for server hosting, backup power, burstable bandwidth and full backups...

BUT with more advantages, we provide the physical machine, and therefore support and maintain the hardware. Secondly we source the machines, and usually have many others of the same type, therefore, have spares on hand for quick fix's in the unlikely event of a failure.

Some of our standard configurations are BSD/Unix, NT4, windows 2000 advanced server, Raq3's, Raq4's, Macintosh and acorn.

If you require further information, please call the sales team, or e-mail , for a Quotation covering your requirements.

SME Dedicated Servers
These are the same as enterprise class packages, but the server doesn't need to be as high specked for less traffic. Pricing starts from as little as little as 70 / $100 per month.


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