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Some of our most frequent questions are in the FAQ's available from the members console, once you have logged in.

New Helpdesk System
Due to increased customer take up of our hosting services, we have implemented a help desk system to increase support efficiency and to maintain a knowledge base of issues. This will take the pressure off our support staff. The help desk can be accessed from the following URL

or here

Our support E-mail is dealt with by a general support member who will then allocate the job to the correct engineer, this step is avoided when using the helpdesk, as it is a setting in the problem form you fill in.

You can contact our staff on 0845 226 1202, we used to maintain a queue system, but have found that queue times became an issue. BT automatically queue to our lines, thus if you connected to our number later callers would be further down the queue, or receive an engaged tone.

Postal Address
Postal questions/Payment or Disks should be sent to our Postal address:

Briar Lodge
Colne Road
PE28 3RD

Disks will be forwarded to our data centre by mid day of the day received.


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